'Beautiful Wodonga'

Concept and Filming

I bought a Sony PXW-Z90 camera and wanted to spend some significant time filming to become accommodated and familiar with it. I  spent a day and night in Wodonga, my hometown, travelling around the rural city and filming different locations to capture its beautiful blend of country landscape and city bustle, and to film in many different conditions to gain experience with the camera and tripod.

I filmed during both day and night to learn more about my camera shooting in different lighting conditions, I hiked up a hill with my gear to get a panoramic shot of the city, and I filmed a time lapse of the city centre as night set in and the lights came on. I tested out all the different settings my camera offers, including shooting some 4K footage.

It was a good learning experience and I ended up with hours of footage. For this project, I decided to condense that footage down into a 35 second commercial for Wodonga.

Editing in Premiere Pro

I put together a simple beat in Cubase to set my commercial to. I recorded my voice-over on a Zoom H5.

All editing was done in Premiere Pro, including adjusting, compressing, and mastering my voice-over audio. I colour graded each clip individually, and on the outside footage I  graded the sky seperately from the ground, and then layered the clips together.

I also made some simple alterations, one of which was the nighttime footage of a monument – a Subway can be seen lit up in the background. I created a mask on an adjustment layer to dim that light without effecting the colour grading of the rest of the clip. You can see the before and after below.

Before - Clip colour graded and adjusted, but the Subway stands out
After - Subway light muted

Finishing Touches

In After Effects I created an animation of the words ‘beautiful Wodonga’ being handwritten to go at the beginning of the commercial. In Photoshop I cut out the official Wodonga logo to have it appear as the commercial ends.