Brand Introduction

Concept and Filming

My logo is a VHS cassette, and I liked the idea of making a real branded VHS for a video. I printed a clab label and put it on a blank VHS, I put together a nice setting, and pulled out my old CRT TV and VCR. The concept was simple – I would film the TV and VCR, reveal the clab VHS, and insert it. Then later, I would create a little brand/promotional video using existing footage of myself and my equipment to lay over the TV screen in post production, to make it look like the inserted VHS was actually playing a video.

Editing and Post Production

In Premiere Pro, I first edited my TV and VCR footage into the desired framework. I used a mask to crop out the TV screen, which had the dual effect of removing the reflections from the screen, and giving me an open space to overlay footage later.

TV screen showing reflections
TV screen with a crop mask

For the parts of the footage where the VHS or my hand moves in front of the screen, I had to go frame-by-frame to manually mask out the screen without removing the things passing over it. Luckily, these parts were only a few seconds long.

Manually masking out the screen in some frames

I got together some footage from previous projects that I planned to use in the video that would play over the TV screen. I also recorded some additional footage, such as the over-the-shoulder shot of me editing. I decided I would edit this footage together over some music. I recorded a simple beat in Music Maker Jam, and then added some effects to it in Audition to give it the desired sound.

I edited the footage in Premiere Pro and laid it over the TV screen. In After Effects I added some scanlines to give it a CRT look, and a lens effect to make it look like the footage was slightly protruding in the middle, to match the actual look of the old TV screen. 

I did not use the CRT effect method that I used in my previous CRT TV effect project. This was because I wanted to keep the footage relatively clean and clear, and also to try out a different and more simple CRT effect to experiment with results.

Finally, I added  ‘PLAY’ at the beginning in an old style VCR font to match what actually happens when a VHS is played.

To finish it off, I created a TV static effect in After Effects to play briefly when the VHS is first inserted. I colour corrected all my footage to give it the desired look, and to reduce the light change between edits. Then I added the VHS being ejected at the end of the video.

TV static made in After Effects