Cover Letter

Concept and Filming

Creating a brief and concise Cover Letter that touches on areas relevant to potential job opportunities. I shot this video in an interview-style format with cutaway shots to footage from past projects that were relevant to what I’m talking about.

I shot the ‘interview’ footage from two angles. Firstly, an off-centred front on shot that offers space for text, images, and video to appear beside me. The second angle was a closer shot at a 45 degree angle, which I used when the excess space of the first angle was not necessary. This second angle prevents monotony, keeping the interview portions of the video visually interesting. While the front-on shot is stationary, the angle shots have slight panning movement, again for visual appeal. 


I equalised, compressed, and mastered my voice recording in Audition. I also removed a small amount of reverb. For the Audition segment in the video, where I compare the raw audio with the mastered audio, I left a portion untouched.

I recorded a subtle song in Music Maker Jam for background music.


Premiere Pro

I put everything together in Premiere.

I made some very slight colour corrections to my interview footage, then cut together the two different angles.

I gathered the additional footage I would use to showcase what I was talking about, primarily from past projects. Those projects are:

I edited these project segments onto the interview footage as desired. Some, like the Drone shots form the DJI Spark Review, were straight cutaways. Others, like the Daredevil in 5 minutes, were boxed and left on-screen next to me as I talked about them. I had those boxes expand and take over the full screen in some cases, like when showing The Age of Video Illustrator drawing.

I screen captured some footage scrolling through my website, and added it as well. I made the title cards in Illustrator, and then in Premiere I gave them some slight motion. I had the Adobe logos fade in where required. 

I added the recorded background music and adjusted its level so that it was feint and unobtrusive. I also added some sound effects, such as the night vision turning on and the magic wand making me disappear, as a finishing touch.

Premiere Timeline