Daredevil in 5 Minutes


Daredevil is a serialised TV show, and its first season has a runtime of approximately 12 hours. I wanted to cover the entire season in a 5 minute video.

The 5 minute summary will include all pertinent plot points, cover all major characters, be clear and understandable, be entertaining, and remain accurate to the show.

I decided my edit would cover the show chronologically. The series begins with the main character as an adult, and gradually reveals his backstory through flashbacks over the 13 episodes. With my video being chronological, it makes it easier for a viewer to follow the story in a truncated time frame. It also affords me more creative opportunity – instead of summarising the show episode by episode, I’m taking parts from various episodes and reordering them.

Script and Voice Over

I watched the series while taking notes about what would be important to include in a brief-but-substantial summary. After I’d finished the 13 episodes, I wrote my  script.

I recorded my voice over on a Zoom H5, then compressed, equalised, and mastered it in Audition. I also altered the speed and pitch slightly. During recording I focused on annunciation and clarity, knowing that in Audition I could create the desired speed.


The editing was done in Premiere Pro. I cut each episode of Daredevil into the small bits that would best accompany my voice over, while also visually telling the story themselves. I pieced the final edit together focusing on being entertaining and coherent. There are around 150 cuts in the final video.