'Dog Gone Deals'

Concept and Filming

I wanted to create an ad inspired by a typical TV commercial. The ad would have two parts: a skit at the beginning, and then product promotion. 

I decided to advertise a fictional pet store. I drew a small storyboard and wrote a script for the skit. I organised and blocked out some space for filming, and lit my set. I enlisted the help of my girlfriend’s dog Eve to star in the sketch.

Eve’s parts were filmed separately to mine. She was easily the better actor.

For the ‘Schmackos reveal’ shot, I used a small portable light to illuminate one shelf of the cupboard, and used remote zoom for the close up. There is a small cut between me opening the cupboard from one side and grabbing the pack from the other, but this cut blended out easily in the edit.

I recorded the foley effects on a Zoom H-5. This included Eve’s footsteps, the clicking of the keyboard, and the scrunching of the Schmackos packet.

Designing the Graphics

I chose the name ‘Dog Gone Deals’ for my fictional pet store because I felt it suited the silly tone I was aiming for. 

I created the stores logo and branding in Photoshop and Illustrator by simply removing my face from an existing photo and adding a cartoon-like effect to it, then adding the title words.

I made a brief animation of the words shining/popping in After Effects.

The logo and its simple animation

The slogan/catch phrase for my fictional store is ‘That’s dog gone cheap!’ I decided to create a ‘stamp’ that would slap down on the screen each time the slogan was exclaimed. I drew a shocked cartoon version of myself in Photoshop to act as the stamp, then later made the stamp animation in After Effects.

That's Dog Gone Cheap!

The images of the products I’m advertising were cut out of photos available on official promotions or their company’s website.

The rest of the graphics, such as the background layout and sliding effect, and the images and lettering with their simple animations, I put together in After Effects.


The voice over was recorded on a Zoom H-5. All Audio, including the foley effects, were compressed, equalised, and mastered in Audition. Some other minor alterations were made, such as a slight reverb added to the ‘That’s dog gone cheap!’ exclamation. Lastly, I put together a simple beat on Music Maker Jam to play in the background.

Final Edit

I put together everything in Premiere Pro.