Drycoff & Castlebeck
Movie Edit


Gone in 60 Seconds is one of my favourite movies. The ‘heroes’ of the movie are car thieves, and throughout they are pursued by Detectives Drycoff and Castlebeck.

My goal is to create an edit of the movie that focuses only on Drycoff and Castlebeck. 

The aim of the edit is to make as coherent a movie as possible, with an understandable plot and a smooth and cohesive structure. Watching this edit, it shouldn’t feel like a chopped up version of another movie, it should feel like it’s own individual story. I also wanted the edit to centre solely on Drycoff and Castlebeck, and show events play out only as they saw them. Thus, the edit could not rely on scenes where they were not present to establish story cohesion. These were the challenges I set myself.

Creating a Title Card using Photoshop and Illustrator

Gone in 60 Seconds is a silly, over-the-top action movie, and this edit would keep that same spirit. I decided to create a cartoonish title card for the movie that would immediately indicate to viewers the tone of the edit, while giving it an episodic buddy-cop vibe. 

I drew Drycoff and Castlebeck in Photoshop, then imported them into Illustrator where I finished up the title card.

Castlebeck and Drycoff drawn in Photoshop
Title Card completed in Illustrator

Editing in Premiere Pro

The transition from one scene to the next was where the bulk of the editing challenge lay. Making it visually cohesive, as the scenes in the original movie did not organically connect. The most difficult part was the audio, both in-scene and transitioning. 

To make one transition work, for example, I chopped up a song and fit some clips over it to bridge the abrupt gap in time and setting. This resulted in a more smooth and sensical transition than it otherwise would have been. When I needed to add in music or sound effects, I slightly altered songs and sounds that were already present in the original movie. In keeping with the original brief, I didn’t add anything that was foreign to the original movie, instead altering and moving existing assets.

Finishing Touches

Some scenes simply didn’t flow together, or there was a passage of time that was otherwise jarring. For these instances, I decided to create a brief ‘bumper’ which contained the title card over sped up movie footage, and an accelerating car sound effect. I used this bumper three times in the edit. While I found these necessary to maintain cohesion, I also feel these bumpers are in the spirit of silliness that makes the original move fun, and create the atmosphere of an episodic buddy-cop show that I was aiming for.


I am happy with the final result.