Logo Redesign &
Intro Animations


The aim was to simplify my logo. I wanted to us basic shapes and clean lines, and a two-colour scheme. I still like the VHS as a visual representation, but I wanted to strip away the complexities and realism of the my original logo. I decided on a sky blue and white as my two colours, which reflects a ‘sky’s the limit’ mantra.

I also thought it would be a good opportunity to create some new logo animations in After Effects. The initial animation I created back when I was beginning is not great. Some new basic animations to compliment the new logo and show improvement in After Effects would be a good accompaniment. 

I designed the new logo in Illustrator.

Creating the Logo in Illustrator
Old Logo compared to the New Logo

After Effects

I liked the idea of making three different animations. I wanted to keep them all short, eye-catching, and reflective of CLAB.  I created them all in After Effects.

For the first animation I made a sky background, with moving clouds made from Fractal Noise. The VHS tape comes together as if it were drawn with white lines – this is a homage to the original logo animation I made. The logo then swings across the screen to reveal ‘clabproductions’.


The second animation has the pop-up of an old 4:3 TV, VCR, and rabbit ear aerials. These were great influences over me and my love for video as a child. I drew these in After Effects. 

I kept the movement minimal and simple, with only the static lines running across the TV and the lightening appearing on the aerial. White was my accent colour, it popped while also giving the image structure, highlighting the bottom (VCR legs) top (Lightening on the aerials) and middle (static) of the graphic. This  animation is my favourite.


The third animation is a little bit different. I wanted it to look a little more professional, and focus on the brand rather than the logo. To make this different, I made the background a blue-white sea rather than sky. I made a sea-like background using Fractal Noise and Particle effects. CLAB is all about learning, so I made a word cycle animation to reflect this.


Premiere Pro

I recorded some fitting audio from Music Maker Jam, then cut up the music and put the video together in Premiere Pro.

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