Real Estate Walkthrough


Creating a Real Estate video  that simulates a walkthrough of a house, resulting in something that could be used to help sell the property.

The video would follow a logical progression through the home, front to back and viewing each room, emulating a house inspection. The theory is that this would provide potential buyers a more substantial snapshot of a property beyond typical real estate photos. The house would be filmed in such a way to compliment its appearance and make it as appealing as possible.


I filmed the outside shots with a drone, and the interior with a wide lens on a gimbal. I relied mostly on natural light and the house’s in-built lighting, and added additional light sparingly to avoid an excess of unrealistic light sources.

Filming with a wide lens

Premiere Pro

All editing was done in Premiere. I wanted this video to be fast and snappy to maintain viewer interest and not overstay its welcome. I recorded some music in Music Maker Jam with the desired beat, then edited the footage to cut in time with the track. I didn’t do too much colour correction, but I did brighten a few scenes to match light conditions, as some rooms were simply darker than others. 

Premiere Timeline