Real Estate


The idea was to create a Real Estate video simulating a walkthrough of a house, resulting in something that could be used to help sell the property.

The video would follow a logical progression through the home, front to back and viewing each room, emulating a house inspection. The theory is that this would provide potential buyers a more substantial snapshot of a property beyond typical real estate photos. The house would be filmed in such a way to compliment its appearance and make it as appealing as possible to garner the most interest.



I filmed the outside shots with a drone. I tried to match the light as best I could, but unavoidably some shots contain more sunshine than others.

I filmed vast majority of the interior with a camera stabiliser to achieve the walk through look. I didn’t have a lot of experience with a camera stabiliser before this project. While many shots turned out as desired, others did not. Some shots, notably the early ones I filmed, are more shaky/unbalanced than ideal. As filming progressed I improved my technique, and other shots, such as the main lounge room walk through, turned out well. 


Camera stabiliser
The centrepiece lounge shot turned out well

Premiere Pro

I edited the footage in Premiere Pro. I didn’t do too much colour correction, matching light and brightening a few scenes where needed.

I recorded some appropriate music in Music Maker Jam and put it together in Premiere in a way which I felt subtlety complimented the footage without taking the focus. I didn’t want the beat to dictate scene cuts/transitions as I had done in previous projects, because I felt that would take away from the goal of simulating a natural house inspection. I did line up some music changes with scene transitions where I felt it was fitting, but I edited the music to match the footage rather than editing the footage.

Lastly, I added some bird chirping sounds for the outside shots to add some ambience.


Editing in Premiere Pro