Sports Report

Planning and Filming

Inspired by local news-style reporting, I wanted to create a location report that could seamlessly appear during a news broadcast’s sports segment.

I created a fictional story to cover, wrote a small script, mapped out the video to choose which parts I would appear on camera, and found a suitable location to film.

For the audio, I recorded myself both on a regular mic and a lapel mic. I did this because I was concerned about external noise disrupting or ruining takes. Having two separate recordings gave me more options in the edit.


Now that I had my fictional story, I created some fictional logos and other images in Illustrator. I designed the CLAB Football League logo, which was inspired by the official AFL logo, and then the scoreboard which imitates the Channel 7 broadcast scoreboard.

The team logos I did not design from scratch. The cartoon man in the Boronia Browncoats logo is by deviantart user outlawink. I added the text and the football. The wolf from the Wodonga White Wolves logo is a recolouring of the Green Canyon Wolves logo. After recolouring and a removing the outer lines, I added the background shield and text.

The Channel 4 logo is simply a number 4 that I made into a 3D cube and gave a basic rotating animation in After Effects. I put a slowly moving world map in the background and used a simple beat from Music Maker Jam to complete the news animation introduction.

Lastly, I made some scrolling text and a name card to overlay on the ‘reporting to camera’ sections. I added my precomposed spinning Channel 4 logo to finish it.

Final Edit

The audio was equalised, compressed, and mastered in Audition. I then put everything together in Premiere Pro. I colour graded my footage to give it the desired look, and made some minor alterations to the other clips. 

The footage of the game and team song is of the Wodonga Bulldogs and can be found on their Facebook page.