Creating and Learning

I established clabproductions as a way to learn about all facets of video production. The philosophy is to learn by creating. 

I will be using the Adobe Creative Cloud applications for all my projects. The five main programs will be Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Audition. My goal is to become as proficient as possible in these programs.

Each project will be created and developed to improve my video production skills, with a video as the end result to display the learned techniques. I aim to make a diverse range of videos, and importantly, I will have fun with all of them too.

Most of my projects I will film myself, however some projects will use other footage or media. An example of this is the ‘Drycoff and Castlebeck’ edit, which is purely a creative editing exercise – creating a coherent movie using pre-existing video and audio. 

There will also be some projects I refer to as a ‘learning display’. These shorter videos will be the result of learning a new production technique, either through online tutorial or hands-on experimentation, and will display a learned skill outside of a contextual project. An example is the ‘CRT Effect’ video.

This website exists as a central hub, displaying each project and detailing the development process.

Everything related to clabproductions will be designed and created by myself. This includes the website, which I developed and maintain.

Chris Bordignon

Graduated from Deakin University with Distinction
Double Major of Media & Communication and Journalism